How often should I go for a massage treatment session?

This usually depends on each individual. Once every week or every 2 weeks is ideal to maintain healthy muscle tissue and keep them in good shape. When you have chronic pain or any special condition to address, you may choose to have weekly massage or two times a week till you feel better. We have created an attractive 10 hours massage package to allow you to enjoy the benefits of regular massages.

How does PepperMinted work?

PepperMinted delivers professional massage to your home in as little as an hour. We match your massage request with a vetted, certified massage therapist at the time you specify. At your appointment time, a therapist will arrive at your door with premium quality sheets, headrest cover, and imported aromatherapy oils to ensure a relaxing and effective massage. All you have to do is breathe, relax, and enjoy your massage.

How does PepperMinted select their therapists?

All PepperMinted therapists are hand-selected based on their years of experience, expertise in various massage techniques and authenticated certificates. They are also vetted for character and registered with the relevant Singapore authorities. Our therapists are also trained to be exceptional in how they treat our customers, as we pride ourselves in Customer Service. We also provide ongoing training to ensure PepperMinted therapists are continually being upgraded in their skills and techniques.

All PepperMinted therapists are employed by PepperMinted to ensure quality and security, we do not use contractors.

What are the benefits of massages?

Massage is a powerful and useful treatment for reducing pain, stress and strain on the muscle. Studies have shown that massage may be useful for 
– Headaches
– Anxiety
– Bad body posture
– Myofascial pain syndrome
– Relieving Stress
– Reduce pain and back aches
Despite its benefits, massage should not replace required medical care. Do let your doctor know if needed and be sure to follow any standard treatment plans if necessary.

How do I book and pay?

Booking is a simple 3 step process via the PepperMinted website.
1) Select time and date of your massage;
2) Design your massage. This is where you select which massage you want, duration of massage,  and any specific therapist you require;
3) Make payment. We accept most major credit cards.

Alternatively, you can contact our friendly Health Concierge (68295373), to assist you with your booking.

We also offer a package comprising of 10 hours of credit. This aims to give you the flexibility of choice of massage, duration of massage, and the accessibility of your household to use the same package. This simplifies the payment process and offers you a more attractive price at same quality level.

Tipping is really up to individual and is generally considered a nice gesture.

How do I feel safe about getting a home massage?

Our therapists are all thoroughly vetted, certified and registered. To ensure safety for both our customers and therapists, we recommend our customers to show their Identity Card and request our therapist to show their PepperMinted ID prior to having your massage.

Before the therapist arrives, kindly remove all valuables within sight for your own peace of mind.

Our therapists take pride in their profession and hence will act at all times with professional integrity. You can trust our massage therapists who aims to build a trusted and lasting therapeutic relationship with you.

Please note that PepperMinted has a zero tolerance policy on Inappropriate Conduct. Any customer requesting any sexual service or acts of indecency, may be referred to the relevant authority. For details on our Inappropriate Conduct terms, please refer to our Terms of Use.

How do I prepare my home for my massage?

All you need is your bedroom. Our therapist will be equipped with the necessary products and equipment such as bedsheet covers, headrest, underwear to let you have a professional massage in the comfort of your own bed. In addition, our oils are non-staining, further letting you have peace of mind during your massage. If you would prefer to have a massage bed delivered for your massage, it is available at a nominal fee. Please indicate during booking that you would like to have massage bed delivered, and we recommend a 24 hour advance booking to secure your bed.

You can wear what you like as long as you feel comfortable. We provide disposal underwear. The most important thing is to make yourself feel completely comfortable and relaxed to enjoy a revitalising or soothing session.

You might want to shower before a massage to begin your wind down process at home. Taking a shower/bath after a massage session is good provided it is a warm shower/bath as it can relax the muscles by enhancing blood flow. Avoid cold shower after massage and it is best is to shower/bath 2 hours after your massage therapy.

How do I purchase a massage for someone else?

We offer Customised Gift Cards which can be used to redeem any of our massages.

You can purchase your Gift Card here


What is PepperMinted's cancellation policy?

For cancellation made 48 hours or more, full refund in PepperMinted credits will be credited to your account.

For cancellation made between 24-48 hours prior to massage, 50% refund in PepperMinted credits will be credited to your account.

For cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to massage, 25% refund in PepperMinted credits will be credited to your account.

For cancellation made less than 12 hours prior to massage, there is no refund.

What if I want to extend my massage?

It is possible to extend your massage by 30 min block, provided that your therapist is available. If the therapist already has a booking post your treatment, we kindly ask for your understanding. Payment of your “extension” can be completed before your massage starts, or it must be completed immediately after your treatment using existing payment method (Credit Card) via PepperMinted website, or our HomeSpa Concierge via our Booking Hotline. We do not accept Cash.

How do I buy Gift Card?

We offer personalised Gift Cards which can be used to redeem any of our massage therapies.

Go to "Gift Card" 

1. Select treatment

2. Enter name and email address of recipient, add your personalised message

3. Complete purchase of Gift Card with payment

A unique Gift Card Code will be generated, and added to email. Recipient will have to enter Gift Card Code when doing booking to redeem.

How do I check my Package/Credits Balance

Log In to your Customer Profile, Click on your User Name, select "My Package Credits". An overview "Package History will be shown be shown.

How can I check my bookings?

Sign In with your customer profile, click on your User Name and select "My Bookings". An overview of past and future bookings will be displayed.

Why do I need to fill out Health Form and how do I update

The Client Helth Form is a essential information for our therapist to understand your health situation and potential issues to be aware of. Your health is our highest priority and we want to esnure we addresss your needs and pay attention to potential injuries or heath issues.

You will be asked to fill out your health form during you first booking, it will be stored as part of your customer profile and can be updated anytime if health condition should change. PLease support us in keeping your information up-to-date.

Are you offering corporate events?

RE-ENERGISE YOUR TEAM - We bring health and wellness to your team in at your offices/offsite locations customized to your needs. Choose from our suite of massages on massage beds/chairs. We provide:

  • Massage Beds
  • Massage Chairs
  • Top trained Therapists
  • Premium Cold-pressed Massage Oils
  • Massage Towels
  • Hot Towel Service
  • Hot organic and caffeine free teas
  • All disposables
  • Privacy Screens

STAFF REWARD/AWARDS - Gift Cards, where you can customize your message and we deliver massages to your employees.

TEAM BUILDING - We work with our partners to bring you unique and unforgettable team building events, combining Yoga, Meditation and Massages. Choose from:

  • Chakra Yoga
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Gong Meditation and
  • PepperMinted Massages