Intensity level 4-10

Sports Massage is designed for professional athletes who participate in high endurance activities or individuals who engage in a regular physical activity, with the purpose of helping them to recover from their workouts and enhance their performance. It accelerates the body’s restorative processes between workouts, thus it should be included in a workout regime to boost and maximise one’s performance and conditioning. 


The techniques used in Sports Massage varies according to the different categories. Pre-event massages are usually vigorous to stimulate the muscles. Compression is used to increase blood flow to these muscles, and gentle stretching are included to warm up the muscles. On the other hand, post-event and rehabilitative massages can include slow stroking and deep massage techniques, in order to allow the muscles to recover as fast as possible after exertion. Technique such as the compressive effleurage to warm up the muscle tissues to prepare them for a deep massage. This is followed by the petrissage massage, which involves kneading the muscles with high pressure to relax and get them warmed up. After the massage, gentle passive stretching can be administered to relieve muscle tension and restore range of motion. In Sports Massage, to smooth out any knots or scar tissues present, deep pressure would be exerted at the centre of the muscles using both thumbs. The thumbs will move in a circular motion, for helping to break down adhesions and scar tissue. If any sensitive spots, known as trigger points, are felt, cycles of constant and deep pressures will be applied to remove these trigger points.


Incorporating Sports Massage into one’s workout regime can bring about numerous benefits to individuals’ health and wellbeing. Pre-event massages can help to warm up the muscles, thus effectively prevents injuries and boost performance during a workout or competition. A post-event massage can help an athlete to feel better after their workout, and it allows the muscles to recover quickly after their strenuous exertion. This type of massage focuses on removing metabolic wastes accumulated during intense workouts and reducing muscle spasms. Thus, Sports Massage accelerates the body’s restorative processes between workouts, allowing athletes to return to their optimum state.