Intensity level 5-6

Lymphatic massage is a technique developed in Germany, sometimes referred to as a 'detox massage'. It helps to move waste fluid in the lymphatic system, and supports your body's internal filtration system to keep your immune system in balance. The body benefits with the improvement of blood and oxygen circulation which is attained by unblocking each of their specific pathways for the two to freely flow throughout the body. When these two important supplies needed in the body freely circulates without blockage or shortage in supply, the body works in its optimum performance. 


Lymphatic massage uses gentle, repetitive wave strokes to open the lymph nodes by targeting certain areas before closing the lymph nodes. Two stages of lymphatic massage are clearing and reabsorption. Stretches are integrated in the massage procedure to ensure the release of tension within the body.


Having a lymphatic massage can help reduce the pain of swollen tissues by removing excess tissue fluids that are contained in that particular part of the body. It filters out dead cells, waste products, excess proteins and toxins from the body tissues. Especially relevant to customers wishing to detox and enjoy all-round health, as it increases production of lymphocytes and increases the body's ability to fight infections subsequently. It also helps to improve moods and combats anxiety. Receiving lymphatic massage regularly helps to unclog lymph nodes, leading to better skin and health.