Intensity level 7

PepperMinted Postnatal massage is an effective postpartum massage designed to address the great physical and emotional change for a woman who has just delivered a baby. Using techniques from traditional Indonesian massage (Jamu massage), PepperMinted Postnatal massage combines the powerful properties of essential oils and natural traditional herbal medicine (Jamu Tapel and Jamu Pilis) to strengthen the tender abdominal muscles, eliminate wind and toxins from the tummy after delivery, encourage shrinking of the enlarged uterus, expel stubborn blood clots in the womb, and increase milk supply (for breastfeeding mums).

Binding is the last step in our postnatal massage, using a breathable traditional corset, followed by PepperMinted's customised Bengkung wrap. This further helps to expel excess wind, flatten the tummy post-delivery, and provide support to the torso, while vital organs return to the pre-pregnancy size and positions.

This 75 minutes postnatal session includes Jamu massage and lactation massage, and 15 minutes binding.


A full body massage with selected essential oils, with special focus on the abdominal, uterus and breasts regions. Techniques are used to relieve aches and pains, flush out excess wind and toxins, assist vital organs returning to their pre-pregnancy state, and relax the mum. A traditional herb, Jamu Pilis will be applied to the forehead; and Jamu Tapel will be applied to the tummy, followed by the traditional corset to support the weakened abdominal wall; PepperMinted's customised cloth wrap will then be used to go around the abdomen and hip tightly. This postpartum belly binding, used in conjunction with herbs aids in firming up the stomach muscles and reducing water retention, assisting the body to go back to pre-pregnancy body shape, is an important part of recovering from childbirth.


The Bengkung wrap with special herbs has been traditionally used to provide support to assist in abdominal wall muscle retraction, support loosened ligaments, improves posture and provide support to the torso while other vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and positions. This assists the body to go back to the body shape prior to giving birth. Postnatal massage can also provide effective relief from headache, constipation, and pain in muscles and joints. It also stimulates blood circulation, induces good sleep, reduces fluid retention and assists lactation for breastfeeding mums.