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Massage is one of the most ideal natural solutions to relax, relieve pain and discomfort, and help you cope with stress and fatigue during pregnancy. A pregnant woman goes through great tensions and pressures, particularly at the lower part of the body, mainly due to weight of the baby during pregnancy. Multiple studies have proven that massage therapy during pregnancy has reported decreased depression, anxiety, and leg and back pain. 


Prenatal massage is performed with mum-to-be laying on her side, with pillows propped for support. Prenatal massage is done using gentle touch that is slightly firm. Techniques are adapted to address changes in the body during pregnacy. Gentle and slightly firm strokes towards the heart are used to aid in blood circulation as blood flow to the leg often becomes sluggish.


Prenatal massage helps in relaxing muscles to allow smooth flow of blood circulation while enhancing muscle and joint functions. It also reduces stress hormones, relieves physical and mental fatigue. Massage helps relieve pain in the muscles and joints that must support extra weight and helps increase flexibility, making it easier for the body to adjust to additional weight.