PepperMinted Premium Oils
PepperMinted Premium Oils

Oils applied to the skin are absorbed into the body. That is why we import professional spa massage oils which are cold pressed, food grade (highest quality available), and chemical free to use for our massage therapies. Our oils are not "stretched", which you can tell by looking at the viscosity of the massage oils. Pure, cold pressed oils are golden in colour and are thick and luxurious. Our customers can be assured that there is no mineral oil in any of our massage oils.

We use essential oils which are 100% pure and of premium therapeutic grade, to boost the efficacy of our massage therapies. Essential oils have been carefully selected based on their powerful natural ingredients from plants, and their aroma-therapeutic properties. 

SIGNATURE - A luxurious blend created to reduce stress and fatigue, relax the body and mind, relieve general muscle aches and improves clarity. Containing peppermint essential oil, this blend aids in sinus care and supports our respiratory system. It also cleanses, detoxifies, combats colds and stimulates lymphatic flow.

SPORT - A unique warming blend most suitable for sports or deep tissue massages. Its properties include anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, antiseptic and diuretic. It tones and fortifies the nervous system, and soothes muscular nerves and pains. Contains lemongrass essential oil.

SNOOZE - A blend created while keeping our tired customers in mind. A melody of essential oils including ylang ylang, binding together to soothe you to the perfect snooze. A firm favourite.

FRENCH LAVENDER - One of the most popular oils in aromatherapy. French lavender, compared to the usual Lavender, is more intense, and is highly sought after in treating inflammation, headache relieving, immune supporting, zapping bacteria, skin healing and pain relieving.